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At Kingsley we design and hand build a wide range of high quality tube guitar amplifiers. Our standard products fulfil a variety of needs, from simple and low power to full featured and powerful.

In addition we can add custom features to our standard models, or even build a completely custom amplifier to your specifications.

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We offer a variety of tube based pedals, from simple boosts and tremolo to full featured overdrives and preamps. The tubes in our pedals run at high voltage for optimal performance, while the audio circuit is hand wired on tag board.

For ordering information please go to our pricing page.

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Now shipping - Page TS
Now shipping - Maiden V2
Now shipping - Artisan tube fuzz/OD

Coming soon - Juggler V3 - many updates to V2!

Custom pedals - Check out some custom designs

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We now sell Cioks power supplies, which are in our opinion the best power supplies on the market for powering Kingsley pedals. The DC7 is particularly suitable and can power multiple Kingsley pedals at the same time. 

Check out the Cioks website for full specs.

Cioks DC7 - $229 USD plus shipping
Cioks 4 (expander kit) - $129 USD plus shipping

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We are very happy to anounce that Kingsley has been collaborating with Selah Sounds  and that they are now the officially approved Kemper profile pack producers for Kingsley Amplifiers. 

Check out the Selah Sounds offerings so far for Kingsley - the Deluxe 30 profile pack, the Bastion 40 profile pack and the Keep 30 profile pack - I can personally attest to the fact that these profiles sound and feel great! Click below for more info...



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Artisan tube fuzz/OD w/LP Deluxe (and explanation)
Artisan tube fuzz/OD w/Strat
Artisan tube fuzz/OD w/Gibson ES-335
"That Pedal Show" - Dan's new pedal board 2021 (including Peasant and Page)
Fryette Power Station/Seymour Duncan Power Stage comparisson

Kingsley preamp pedals overdriew

Valve preamps fo guitar - what are they all about?

Video of preamps/pedals into Fryette Power Station

Video 2 of preamps/pedals into Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700

Video 1 of preamps/pedals into Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700

"That Pedal Show" featuring the Constable pream
"That pedal Show" featuring the Page, Maiden and Page DS

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Check out Dan Steinhardt's  and Mick Taylor's "That Pedal Show" on youtube every Friday, a great show all about pedals and guitar gear. New show (May 26, 2017) featuring the Constable: "Valve, Transistor and Digital Preamps into Valve and Transistor Power Amps"  Shows featuring the Maiden, Page and Page DS: "Pedal Board Building Special - Mick's Board Lives!"  and : "Drive and preamp pedals in your amp FX loop" See the show featuring the Page, Harlot. Minstrel and Constable (Aug 5, 2016 with interview): "Kingsley valve pedals with Simon Jarrett"

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Check out our Minstrel V2 review in Tone Report Weekly, issue 114, p62: Minstrel write-up

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