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arrow Maiden V2

The Maiden V2 adds the EQ lift boost function to the pedal in the same size enclosure. There is a second footswitch that acivates the EQ lift and a pot to set the amount of associated lift/boost.
In addition, the pedal's mid boost can be acticated with a mini switch or assigned to the second footswitch. This enables the second footswitch to activate the mid boost or the EQ lift, or both.

Th Maiden V2 will still be available in blackface a D-style variations....

arrow Peasant - Now Shipping

The Peasant is a valve boost with a variable input impedance control. At higher input impedance settings it makes a relatively un-coloured and full range boost. As the input impedance is lowered, the resonant peak of the guitar's pickups is lowered. The result is reduced low end and top end, effectively producing an upper midrange boost. This effect is similar to that produced by the well known Dallas Rangemaster treble booster circuit.

As well as providing an excellent means for pushing and focusing the frquency response of an overdriven valve amplifier, at lower input impedance settings the Peasant improves the guitar's ability to clean up as it's volume control is turned down. 

arrow Jester Custom - Now Shipping

The Jester Custom (now available) is an up-dated version of the Jester. The modifications include:

The Overdrive cicuit now includes a control on the back panel that when rotated clockwise, takes the stock Jester V2 tone and adds brightness or "sizzle" to the sound. This makes the overdrive channel sound more present with more top end bite - great for rock tones. For the smoother stock V2 response, roll the "Sizzle" control anti-clockwise.

A switch on the back panel increases the overdrive channel's output and clarity, making the Jester suitable for preamp use. This mode can also be used for a louder, brighter front of amp tone.

The Boost is still after the Overdrive and Boost modes 1 and 3 are the same as on the original Jester. 
Boost mode 2 is now brighter than the regular Jester Boost mode 2. This makes it suitable as a clean preamp, so the Jester Custom can be used straight into a power amp or as a foundation of a direct rig....for both clean and overdrive tones.

Price $475 USD.  

arrow Crucible - 1w Valve Power Amp...Now Shipping

The Crucible is a 1W power amp is a push pull, cathode biased tube amplifier that uses a 12ax7 as the phase inverter tube and the two halves of a 12au7 as the push-pull output pair.

Hook up a speaker for low volume applications or use the built in reactive dummy load and variable line out to drive effects and cab sims for a direct rig. Or run a speaker and use the line out to drive effects and another power amp for a wet/dry rig.

Used with the Maiden, Squire, Juggler or Constable preamps, the 1W power amp adds the missing link for the full tube amp experience, both for recording and performance. 

For more info go to the Crucible page.

Here is a quick i-phone video of the Juggler OD channel into the 1W power amp....

 and another i-phone snippet with the Constable into the 1W:


1W Luke LP-2 from SKJ on Vimeo.

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