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arrow Squire 86

The Squire 86 is a preamplifier based on the vintage AC15/AC30 EF86 channel. It uses an EF86 pentode running at high voltage. Controls include Volume, Treble (similar to the "Cut" control on a Vox AC30), a 3-way Bass switch and a 3-way Bright switch. 

Suitable for use as a preamp into a power amp or cabinet simulator, the Squire 86 also works very well in front of an amp as a versatile boost. It also breaks up very nicely when pushed with some of our other preamps, especially with the Constable.

arrow Crucible - 1w Valve Power Amp...Now Shipping

The Crucible is a 1W power amp is a push pull, cathode biased tube amplifier that uses a 12ax7 as the phase inverter tube and the two halves of a 12au7 as the push-pull output pair.

Hook up a speaker for low volume applications or use the built in reactive dummy load and variable line out to drive effects and cab sims for a direct rig. Or run a speaker and use the line out to drive effects and another power amp for a wet/dry rig.

Used with the Maiden, Squire, Juggler or Constable preamps, the 1W power amp adds the missing link for the full tube amp experience, both for recording and performance. 

For more info go to the Crucible page.

Here is a quick i-phone video of the Juggler OD channel into the 1W power amp....

 and another i-phone snippet with the Constable into the 1W:


1W Luke LP-2 from SKJ on Vimeo.

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