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Shipping pedals within Canada and the USA is with Canada Post/USPS. Other shipping carriers can be used upon customer's request. Please note that customs brokerage and any state taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. OUR PRODUCTS ARE DUTY FREE TO U.S. CUSTOMERS.

Shipping is available to other countries at cost and is reasonably priced. Please contact us for a quote.

If you would like to get on the wait list for pedals we ask for a visa or mastercard and shipping address. 
No money is held or charged until just prior to shipping and you can change your mind at any time (no deposit required). We will also contact you when your turn comes up to re-confirm your order prior to shipping.

To order or if you have any questions, please email us at
Alternatively give us a call at 1 604 463 5201

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We accept Visa or Mastercard, international money order, certified bank draft or bank wire and Internet email money transfer.

We are currently very back ordered for amplifiers and cabinets and as such we are not taking downpayments for these items at the moment. For those who are still interested we can take your name and touch base closer to build time - if you are still interested at that time we can arrange details, including a downpayment (50%), with the balance due upon completion of the build. Full payment can be made prior to shipping.

arrow Return Policy

We offer a 48 hour trial period on all standard amplifiers and pedals.

arrow Build Time

Please email us for the current build time.

arrow Options

Tolex colours available are: black, blue, green, red, cream, tan or maroon - no price difference.
Standard Speakers: 12inch Celestion G12H for 1x12, G12H and greenback for 2x12.
Other speaker options are available such as the Celestion Blue, Gold, C180, V30 and Jensen. Contact us for a quote.


Please don't hesitate to call 1604 463 5201 or email us at if you have any questions.


Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.

Merlin Push-Pot 22.00
Merlin 200.00
Shirt T-Shirt 26.00
Long Sleeve Shirt 31.00
Eq Lift Boost Pedal 105.00
Harlot Gm Switch Pedal 105.00
Peasant Pedal 255.00
Serf Pedal 255.00
Squire Pedal 290.00
Page Pedal 290.00
Page Ds Pedal 300.00
Bard Pedal 310.00
Squire 86 Pedal 385.00
Jester Pedal 400.00
Page Ts Pedal 400.00
Constable V2 Pedal 400.00
Harlot Pedal 410.00
Maiden Pedal 430.00
Minstrel Pedal 435.00
Artisan Pedal 480.00
Cabinets 2x10 Cab 700.00
2x12 Cab 775.00
1x12 Cab 625.00
Crucible Head 700.00
Juggler Pedal 700.00
Bailey Head-15w 1000.00
Head-30w 1300.00
Keep Head-15w 1000.00
Head-30w 1300.00
Paraplex Head-10w 1200.00
1x12 Combo 1700.00
Barbican Head - 20w 1300.00
Head - 40w 1600.00
Bastion Head - 20w 1600.00
Head - 40w 1900.00
Custom 32 Head-30w 2200.00
Duke Duke 2100.00
Deluxe 30 Head 2650.00
1x12 2805.00
2x12 2960.00
Earl Head 2845.00
1x12 3000.00
2x12 3155.00
Deluxe 50 Head 2995.00
1x12 3150.00
2x12 3305.00
Deluxe 32 Head 3150.00
1x12 3305.00
2x12 3460.00
Deluxe 100 Head 3200.00
2x12 3510.00
1x12 3355.00
Tonebaron Head 3425.00
1x12 3580.00
2x12 3735.00

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