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Simon Jarrett is the founder and designer of Kingsley Amplification. He is a professional guitarist living in B.C. Canada, although he originally comes from the UK. He is a graduate from the renowned Guitar Institute in LA, where he studied with such legends as Scott Henderson. He is a versatile session musician covering many styles from rock, blues and country to latin and jazz.


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Over the years Simon has run an amplifier repair and modification service - servicing all types of tube amps including Fender, Hiwatt, Marshall and Vox. He started building his own amplifiers to create a product which fulfilled his own requirements as a performing guitar player. In the design of the Kingsley line he has combined many of the classic tube amplifier features with his own original ideas and designs to produce a range of versatile and original sounding guitar amplifiers.

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As well running Kingsley Amplifiers, Simon is very active in the Vancouver music scene, performing every week in local clubs and venues. While often called on to play rock, blues, pop and country music, Simon is also a jazz and fusion player, writing and performing his own compositions in the Simon Jarrett Band and his most recent project, "Rocket Science".

Musical influences include The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Robben Ford, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Scott Henderson, Weather Report, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson, John Scofield, Wes Montgomery and Chick Corea to name a few.

Although he has a hectic schedule, Simon continues to teach a limited number of guitarists on a weekly basis and accepts advanced students . For more information please email.

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