Deluxe 100

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The Kingsley Deluxe 100 is a fixed bias 100W class AB amplifier that produces sounds similar to the Deluxe 30 but with the extra headroom and kick that some players require. The Deluxe 100 uses 4 6L6s and brings a slightly more “American” sound to the Deluxe series amplifiers. Alternatively the customer may request EL34s in the power section. The rectifier is solid state while the pre-amplifier section uses 3 12ax7 tubes and a 12at7 for the phase inverter.

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The pre-amplifier features the same controls as the Deluxe 50: gain, volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb and master tone controls as well as an EQ lift switch, 3-way gain switch and a bright switch. Plugging into input 2 produces a great clean tone, from percussive, bright and airy to rich and mellow. The tone controls are very effective and musical, while never adding any harshness or un-useable frequencies. Plugging into input 1 adds an extra gain stage and gain control to the pre-amp and increases the overdrive amount available. This input is also the brighter of the two and produces great overdrive, from slightly broken up bluesy tones to heavier, sustaining lead tones, rich in harmonic overtones.

When fitted with 6L6 tubes these amplifiers produce warm, buttery smooth sounds which are great for jazz, R'n'B and blues. Also included with the Deluxe 100 is the Kingsley footswitchable boost. This pedal plugs into the back of the amplifier and features a level control right on the footswitch, which controls the amount of boost required. An LED on the footswitch shows the status of the footswitch boost function.

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