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The Kingsley Deluxe 32 is a dual channel, all tube, handwired 30W amplifier. It features two channels for footswitchable clean and overdrive tones. The clean channel reproduces the clean sounds of the Deluxe 30 while the overdrive channel offers the same overdrive tones and more.
The power amplifier section is the same as on the Deluxe 30: a cathode-biased, non-negative feedback design that uses four EL84 tubes, a 12AX7 phase inverter and a 5AR4 rectifier tube. The power amplifier section has its own tone control for tailoring the high end content fed to the power tubes. The power output can be reduced in two ways: A 15/30 W switch dis-ables two output tubes for an output of 15W. Alternatively, you can use the pentode/triode switch that when in triode mode reduces the output by a half but keeps all four EL84s operational. In this mode the sound is warmer and creamier, which can be useful for very bright guitars or for generating very rich, creamy overdrive textures. Also, both the 15W mode and the triode mode can be combined for an output of 7.5 W. An impedance switch and parallel speaker outputs allow the use of different speaker cabinets and a variable level line out allows the user to send the sound of the whole amplifier (minus the speaker) to another amplifier for additional amplification. This can be used to provide additional volume and sound spread or to allow the amplification of effects placed after power tube generated overdrive.

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Pre-amplifier channel 1 is a duplicate of input 1 on the Deluxe 30 and has controls for gain, volume, treble, middle and bass, as well as a bright switch and a 3-way gain switch. This channel can be set for a second clean tone, or anything from a mild overdrive to a full rock crunch.
Pre-amplifier channel 2 is a duplicate of input 2 on the Deluxe 30 and has controls for volume, treble, middle, bass and reverb, as well as a bright switch and an E.Q. lift switch. This channel provides beautiful clean tones at low to medium volumes and touch sensitive overdrive as the volume is raised further. The E.Q dis-able switch dis-ables the treble, middle and bass controls so that now there is only the single tone knob to vary the brightness of the amplifier (as well as the bright switch). The result is a very rich, pure tone that fattens up single coils, provides great jazz tones and frees up more gain for a very pure, organic overdrive tone when the amp is pushed.
Either channel may be selected by means of the front panel mini-switch or the supplied footswitch.

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Series/parallel switch with passive loop (upgrade cost $250):
The standard Deluxe 32 runs each channel one at a time (in parallel). With the series mode option, which is selectable with a front panel mini switch, channel 1 (the overdrive channel) feeds into channel 2 (the clean channel), via a passive loop on the back panel. This provides the following benefits:
Additional tonal versatility; the ability to add reverb to the overdrive channel; a passive effects loop between channel 1 and 2, enabling the addition of effects such as delay after the overdrive channel.

Footswitchable variable boost with a level control on the footswitch housing (upgrade cost $100). This feature can be added to the channel selector footswitch housing, providing a variable boost for the clean channel only. The circuit taps into the EQ lift feature’s huge boosting ability, but makes the amount of boost variable courtesy of its variable control.
Cost: $100

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Play Lp Deluxe Clean Tone, Celestion Cl80
Play Lp Deluxe Mild Od, Celestion Cl80
Play Lp Deluxe, Medium Gain Od, Cel.Cl80
Play Lp Deluxe, Heavier Od, Cel. Cl80
Play Lp Deluxe, Smoother Od, Cel. Cl80
Play Strat Clean Tone, Celestion Cl80
Play Strat, Lighter Od, Good Definition, Cl80
Play Strat Medium Gain Od, Celestion Cl80
Play Strat Med. Gain, More Bite, Cel. Cl80

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