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The Kingsley Paraplex is a 10W cathode biased tube amplifier modeled after the classic British "Plexi" amps, but in a smaller and lower wattage package.
Using either two 6V6 or EL84 output tubes (customer's choice), three 12ax7s and a 5AR4 rectifier, the Paraplex gets all the classic plexi style tones but is also a more versatile amplifier with some useful extra features.

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The front panel has all the standard plexi controls - Volume 1, Volume 2, Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence. In addition there is a post phase inverter master volume, a Mode switch, a Voice switch and a 3-way power output switch.

The post phase inverter Master Volume is great for driving the phase inverter tube hard, while keeping a lid on the overall volume. This is an important feature for plexi drive tones at lower volumes, because the phase inverter tube is where most of the overdrive is generated in these amplifiers.

The Presence control works as expected, but is in fact a dual control. The other half of thge dual pot is used as a "Cut" or power tube tone control. This is very useful for taming the top end when smoother drive tones are required. Also, unlike a traditional presence control, it still works when the post phase inverter master volume is turned down. 

The Mode switch selects Volume 1, Volume 2 or both volumes. As on a traditional plexi amp, Volume 1 is the brighter of the two, with Volume 2 being significantly darker and fuller sounding.

The Voice switch changes the voicing of Volume 1. On most plexi amps Volume 1 is very bright sounding (at least at lower volumes), due in large part to a very large value bright capacitor. Position 1 on the Paraplex's Voice switch dis-ables this bright cap for a smoother, less aggressive response. Voice switch position 2 turns on the bright cap for that aggressive upper mid cut and drive. Then Voice switch position 3 keeps the bright cap in place but also adds an EQ lift. Lifting the EQ results in a little more preamp gain and a tighter sound.

The 3-way output power selector allows full power, half power and quarter power modes of operation.   

On the back panel there is the AC receptacle, fuse holder, Power switch, Rectifier switch, speaker outputs for 4, 8 and 16 ohms and a 3-way negative feedback switch. 

The Rectifier selector switch allows for either solid state rectification or tube rectification.

The 3-way negative feedback switch provides different power amp responses. With the highest amount of negative feedback applied the amp is tight and focused, with a leaner bottom end. Then there is a reduced amount of negative feedback position, which provides a slightly bigger, looser response and the 3rd position removes the negative feedback completely. This results is a big, fat and more compressed power amplifier response.

The Paraplex is available as a cage style head and as a 1 x 12 combo with a Celestion Greenback.

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