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The Kingsley Deluxe 30 is a single channel, 30W hand wired amplifier. It was designed to produce those classic 30W British sounds with ease, as well as a range of other sounds and also to provide many useful features for the performing guitar player. At the heart of the amplifier is a cathode-biased, non-negative feedback output section that uses four EL84 tubes, a 12AX7 phase inverter and a 5AR4 rectifier tube. The preamplifier uses 3 12ax7s.

A huge array of sounds can be achieved by turning the amp up and using a combination of the guitars volume control, different pickups and a dynamic right hand touch. Listen to the "vol pot" clip at the bottom of the page to see how both sweet clean tones and singing lead tones can be achieved by changing the guitars volume control and pickup settings in real time, while the amplifier settings remain the same (a simple treble bleed volume pot modification is recommended for best results - contact us for details):

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The power amplifier section has its own tone control for tailoring the high end content fed to the power tubes. The output power can be set to 7, 15 or 30W by using the triode/pentode switch and 15/30W switch. With all four EL84s running in pentode mode the output is 30W. Switch down to 15W using the 15/30W switch (two EL84s running in pentode mode). With all four EL84s running in triode mode the output is 15W also, but the sound is smoother and rounder - great for bright guitars or rich, creamy overdrive. With only two EL84s in triode mode the output is reduced to 7W, enabling output section overdrive and compression at very reasonable volumes. A variable level line out allows the user to send the sound of the whole amplifier (minus the speaker) to another amplifier for additional amplification. This can be used to provide additional volume and sound spread or to allow the amplification of effects in a wet/dry rig.

The pre-amplifier section has controls for gain (input 1 only), volume, treble, middle, bass and reverb. There is also a bright switch, a 3-way gain switch and an EQ lift switch. The EQ-lift switch disables the treble, middle and bass controls, which results in a very full and organic sound. In this mode the sound can still be tailored by using the bright switch, gain switch and tone control. The reverb is very smooth sounding with just the right amount of decay and greatly compliments the sound of the amplifier. Plugging into input 2 provides full, classic clean sounds with great definition, from warm jazzy tones to bright, percussive and articulate country tones. As the volume control is raised the amplifier becomes very responsive to picking and touch: pick softly and the tone remains clean and articulate, dig in and the amplifier breaks up in a very musical way that sounds great for on the edge blues and classic rock rhythm. Wind the volume right up and you get a rich, thick and full rock grind.

Plugging into input 1 adds a gain stage and gain control to the pre-amplifier. This is the input for singing rock tones or on the edge blues at lower volumes. A three-way gain switch changes the range of gain available from low to medium to high. This greatly increases the versatility of the amplifier's overdrive by optimising the circuit for low gain or higher gain sounds. In the lower gain position the overdrive is full and rich. In the middle position more gain is added and the bottom end is fatter. In the high gain position the bottom end is tightened up for good note definition and no mushiness.

The Deluxe 30 also comes with a variable footswitch boost pedal, which has a level control right on the pedal. With the level at zero there is no boost. Turn the level up and step on the switch and the amount of pre-amp drive is increased. This can be useful for boosting clean tones or switching between on the edge tones and fuller overdriven sounds when the amplifier is already loud. An LED indicator light shows the status of the boost pedal.

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In July 2001 Guitar Player magazine conducted a bench test on the Deluxe 30 and gave it a great write up as well as their prestigious Editors Pick Award. Click on the editors pick logo at the top of the page to read what Guitar Player magazine has to say about the Kingsley Deluxe 30.


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Kingsley Amplifiers is very pleased to be working with Selah Sounds - they are now the officially approved Kemper profile producers for Kingsley Amplifiers....and their first Kingsley offering is a profile pack of the Deluxe 30 amp! I can personally attest to the fact that these profiles sound (and very importantly feel) really great.

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Kingsley Deluxe 30 - Strat

Kingsley Deluxe 30 W/Gain Switch Added

Deluxe 30 Selah Sounds Kemper Profiles - Strat

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Play Volpot Control
Play Lp Bridge Humbucker Od, Greenback
Play Lp Crunch, Celestion Cl 80
Play Track W/Yamaha Sg Bridge Humbucker - by Simon Taylor
Play Track W/Yamaha Sg Neck Humbucker - by Simon Taylor

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