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arrow Barbican - American Style Clean Tones

Blackface style or Dumble style clean tones in a grab and go head. Simple controls and great clean tone. Available as a 20W head (2 x 6V6) or a 40W head (2 x 6L6). Dedicated blackface and D-style models available. These amps are for pure, rich clean tones. They also make excellent pedal platforms. 

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arrow Bastion - Dual Channel Head

D-style ODS type head in a cage chassis - portable, versatile, great tone. These small heads are available in 20W (two 6V6s) and 40W (two 6L6s) variations. Features include footswitchable clean and OD channels and a tube buffered series effects loop.

Check out the "Bastion"...

arrow Regent - Triple Channel 100w Head

I am currently field testing my new 100W, triple channel amplifier with wireless foot controller and midi in and out - the Kingsley Regent. This amp is versatile to say the least and has some great performance features. The wireless foot switch allows you to change channels, select a series effects loop and change midi patches for your midi capable effects all at the same time.

Here are the basic details:

Power amp: 100W with 4 x 6L6 in fixed bias, controls for Master and Presence

Preamp: 3 channels. Channel 1 (volume, treble, middle, bass) and channel 2 (additional gain and volume controls) are Dumble inspired (clean and mild to medium OD), while channel 3 is a higher gain channel similar to my ToneBaron's OD channel (gain, volume, treble, middle, bass, gain boost).

There are two series buffered effects loops - one is always in line, while the other one is selected with the footswitch. This way you can patch in an effect that you anticipate using all the time (like reverb) or something with multiple patches (like a midi capable effect) in loop 1, while loop 2 can be used to add a standard effect on demand from the footswitch (like a delay or a chorus). There is also a footswitchable boost with level control on the back panel.

The footswitch can be used as a standard amp style footswitch for changing channels and accessing the boost and effects loop 2, but it can also be set to preset mode. In this mode you can store patches, consisting of any combination of the amps switchable functions, in combination with midi presets. This way you can patch a midi effects processor in either effects loop and select combination patches of effects and/or amp functions. There is a two digit display that shows the patch number. In addition, bluetooth technology makes the footswitch completely wireless.

On the back of the amp there are midi in and out jacks for receiving and sending midi signals.

Stay tuned for more info/updates....


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