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The Minstrel (V2 and V3) is a tube overdrive pedal that features a single 12ax7 tube running at high voltage. The tube is pushed into overdrive by a JFET transistor. Please note that the V2 is no longer in production - all new Minstrels will now be the V3 version (as of December 2019).

The Minstrel is a single channel tube overdrive pedal that offers many of the features of the Kingsley Jester in a smaller enclosure, but without the separate boost circuit. The V3 Minstrel also features a second footswitchable "More" function that adds gain to the pedal's base tone, as well as a new "Sizzle" switch for a brighter and more open tone.

The hand wired circuitry and high quality construction are the same as that found in all the Kingsley tube pedals. A very wide variety of tones are available, from mild and smooth to punchy and dynamic to aggressive rock tones.

The Minstrel operates off 9VDC, which is stepped up inside the pedal for 240VDC tube operation. In this way a real and dynamic tube sound is achieved, comparable to that of some of the finest tube amplifiers.

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The Minstrel V3 adds a couple of very useful features to the Minstrel V2 circuit...

First of all, as with the Harlot V3 there is now a second footswitch labeled "More" that footsiwtches in to the higher gain mode. The "More" pot sets the amount of gain added to the base OD, which is still set by the "Gain" pot. 

While the V2 had a 3-way mode switch to toggle between 3 gain ranges, the V3 only has a 2-way mode switch, as the higher gain mode is now accessed via the "More" footswitch.
Also the "More" function works on both Mode 1 and Mode 2. In Mode 1 the Minstrel is relatively low gain and smooth sounding...but now you can footswitch to a more saturated version of this base tone. This sound was previously not available on the Minstrel V2. Or if you start in Mode 2, which is a bit gainier and more aggressive, footswitching the "More" function simply adds gain to that base tone. Note that you cannot fotswitch directly from the lowest gain tone (Mode 1, More funtion off) to the highest gain tone (Mode 2, More function on).
The "More" function can also be accessed remotely, via the ring connection of the TRS output jack. Note that a stereo to dual mono breakout cable is needed to access this remote switching function.

Finally a new "Sizzle" mini switch has been added. This 3-way switch adds top end clarity/openess/bite to the core sound. While the Minstrel V2 perhaps veered on the smooth side, the V3 also has the ability to be more cutting and aggressive when desired. Sizzle mode 2 is also great for low gain OD tones, adding some clarity and bite, making it a littlke more "Page-like" (the Page is a low gain boost/OD that excells at very mild breakup).

The V3 adds $85 to the V2 price for these new features, for a total cost of $430.

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Features include Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls as well as a 3-way mode switch. Mode 1 is for low gain, edge of break-up sounds; mode 2 is for medium gain overdrive and is fatter sounding and mode 3 is for medium to high gain rock sounds and is leaner than mode 2 for tones that cut through.

Measurements: 3 7/8" wide x 4 3/4"deep x 2.56" tall

Power requirements: 9VDC @ 500mA, center negative 2.1mm power jack

Weight: 1.27 lbs (575g)


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 Minstrel plus other Kingsley pedals into the Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700 power amplifier:


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Demo 1

Kingsley Minstrel V2

Demo 2

Kingsley Minstrel V1

Demo 3

Kingsley Minstrel V1

Pedal: $435.00 USD

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