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We are currently not making the V2 Juggler (or the earlier big box V1). V3 is now shipping (subject to our pedal wait list) and is a major up-grade to the V2 with many more features.
The V2 was basically a slightly simplified version of a Maiden D and a Page DS in one box. The new Juggler V3 is based on the same Dumble ODS inspired circuit with two 12ax7s, however it has all of the features of the Maiden V2 and Page DS, as well as some other useful features. 

Here is a basic rundown:

3 footswitches - On/Off, Drive/Mid Boost, EQ Lift/Mid Boost. Note that the Drive footswitch can automatically activate the mid boost at the same time if desired. This way you can have the clean channel with no Mid Boost but the Drive channel with Mid Boost. The EQ lift/Mid Boost footswitch can activate either the EQ lift or the Mid Boost. The Mid Boost can also be set to be on at all times.
Clean channel: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, 3-way Bright switch, Mid boost switch, EQ lift footswitch, EQ lift level pot
Drive channel: Drive, Tone, Volume, 3-way Lows switch, 3-way Highs switch
Other features: global Master Volume, 3-way Output switch (front of amp use, instrument level preamp use, full output preamp use), Two remote jacks for channel select, EQ lift and Mid Boost functions (one jack is a TRS jack that can be used for channel select or Mid Boost alone, or both channel select and Mid Boost select), high voltage mosfet buffer output (no need for an effects loop as the output impedance is already low and the Output switch and Master Volume make it very easy to add effects after the whole preamp).

Power supply requirements: 12VDC @700mA with a center positive 2.1mm plug

This preamp is wider than the V2 and measures 6 5/8" wide x 5" deep

This will be our most full featured and top of the line preamp. Price: $700 USD 

 The Juggler V3 can be seen in these 3 videos:




arrow V2 Overview

The Juggler V2 is no longer available.

The Juggler is a preamplifier in a stomp box format with a full featured clean channel and an overdrive channel. The clean channel is great for American type clean tones. Use it as a stand alone pre-amp for driving a power amp, or as a second clean channel for your guitar amplifier, or as a full featured boost.

When in OD mode two more gain stages are added after the clean channel circuitry. The result is a very nice mild to moderate overdrive that sounds like the clean sound but with some overdrive added. The tone controls are pre-drive circuitry, allowing the user to determine which frequencies are overdriven. The Juggler can be run directly into a power amp or the front end of a guitar amplifier.

arrow V2 Features

The clean channel features volume, treble, middle, bass and clean master controls. There is also a 3-way clean mode switch that changes the treble response for a progressively thicker sound.
When in OD mode all the same controls are still active, except for the clean master volume which is replaced with an OD master volume. A 3-way OD mode switch offers 3 different presence settings, while the volume control sets the amount of gain. The 3-way OD mode switch allows some seperation between the EQ of the clean sound and the overdrive sound.

Power requirements:
12VDC @ 500mA, with a center positive 2.1mm plug.
The Juggler ships with its own power supply, which works at any mains voltage from 120VAC up to 240VAC, allowing use in most countries around the world. However, a pin adapter plug may be required depending on the particular country.
If you wish to use an alternative power supply please make sure that it has the right specs and in particular note the center positive polarity requirement.

The Juggler measures 5.25” wide x 5” deep. The front is 1.75” tall, sloping up to 2” at the back.

Weight: 1.8 lbs (815g)


arrow Audio Clips

Play Strat Clean By-Pass Tone Then Mild Od
Play Strat Neck Pickup, Light Od
Play Strat High Gain Tone, Bridge, Neck P/U
Play Strat Medium Gain
Play Lp Deluxe By-Pass Tone Then Mild Od
Play Les Paul Deluxe Brighter Od Tone
Play Lp Deluxe Bridge P/U, Medium Gain Od
Play Strat Clean Tone 1
Play Strat Clean Tone 2

Pedal: $700.00 USD

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