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The Page TS takes the regular Page circuit and adds more features and controls for more versatility and a wider range of sounds and applications. Like many of our pedals, the Page TS is a hand wired tube boost pedal featuring a 12ax7 tube running at high voltage. As with the Page, applications include clean boosting, mild overdrive and medium to high gain tones when pushed with another boost or overdrive. In addition the Page TS has a 2nd footswitch for an EQ lift function, providing an boost and a thickening of the base tone. A preamp mode also allows the Page TS to function as a full preamp, suitable for running into a power amp or for use with cab sims as part of a direct rig. The circuit is all tube and when the Gain control is set high the first gain stage pushes the second gain stage into a very natural, touch sensitive and amp-like mild overdrive. 

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 The Page TS takes the basic features of the Page pedal - Gain, Volume, Tone, Lows switch and Highs switch - and replaces the single Tone control with a full tone stack (Treble, Middle and Bass). This results in a more open and clear base tone and a wider range of tonal possibilities.

While the Page has 2-way Lows and Highs switches, these are now replaced with 3-way switches. The 3rd position on the Lows switch adds more low end for a fatter sound. The 3rd position on the Highs switch activates a preamp mode. Essentially this adds a lot more top end and presence, making the Page TS suitable for dedicated preamp use. 

A second footswitch (labeled "More") activates the EQ lift function. "Lifting" or removing the EQ from the circuit adds volume and midrange to the sound, suitable for a lead boost or for providing a hotter signal to drive amps or other pedals harder. The "More" pot controls how much the EQ is lifted. As the pot is turned up the hotter the signal gets and the more the EQ is lifted, until at maximum rotation when the Treble, Middle and Bass pots do almost nothing and maximum boost is achieved. Note that the EQ circuit is located after the 2nd gain stage of the 12ax7. As such, lifting the EQ does not drive the tube harder - it simply adds volume and midrange thickness.
The EQ lift function is also controlable remotely (for those who use pedal switchers for example). The output jack is a TRS type and the ring connection controls EQ lift on/off when a TRS plug is used. Note that a TRS to dual mono breakout cable would be required to use this feature.

Measurements: 3 7/8" wide x 4 3/4" deep x 2.56" tall.

Power requirements: 9VDC @ 500mA, center negative, 2.1mm jack.

Pedal: $400.00 USD

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