arrow Update - V2

The Harlot has been updated with a 3-way "Lows" switch. The V2 Harlot still offers all the same sounds as the original Harlot, but also adds 2 poitions of bass cut. As the original Harlot is a relatively full sounding overdrive with plenty of low end, having the ability to cut bass makes it more verstaile. Reduced low end can be useful for bass heavy amps and for guitars with strong low end, especially when playing on the neck pickup. Also, cutting the bass and rolling back the highs (with the tone control) effectively gives the ability to emphasize midrange.

arrow Update - V2 Gain Mode Switch Option

Modes 2 and 3 can now be selected by footswitch with the optional external Gain Mode Switch. Note that this option is available to all Harlots built from November 2017 onwards. Please go to the Gain Mode Switch page for more information. 

arrow Overview

The Harlot is a hand-wired tube overdrive pedal using a single 12ax7 tube running at high voltage and an FET transistor that is used to push the 12ax7 into overdrive. It covers mild, smooth tones through mid gain crunch to fairly aggressive rock tones. The Harlot sounds natural, fat, dynamic and is very touch sensitive.

The 9VDC power supply (provided) is converted to 6.3VDC for the tube heaters and 240VDC for the tube plates for authentic tube performance.


arrow Features

With controls for Gain, Volume and Tone, as well as a 3-way mode switch, the Harlot is versatile and yet simple to operate. The 3-way mode switch produces smooth overdriven tones in mode 1, a more dynamic and present tone in mode 2 and a higher gain and more aggressive sound in mode 3.

Measurements: 3 7/8” wide x 4 ¾” deep x 2.56" tall

Power requirements: 9VDC @ 500mA, center negative, 2.1mm jack

Weight: 1.27 lbs (575g)


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Harlot Video

Pedal: $300.00 USD

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