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The Page DS has been updated. The new version (V2) has two mini switches instead of one, allowing for both a bass cut and a bright boost. All of the features the V1 Page DS are also included on V2.

A new "Lows" switch gives the user 3 selectable amounts of bass. Position 1 cuts the low end for a tighter sound; position 2 has the same amount of bass as was offered on the V1 Page DS in Mode switch positions 1 and 2; position 3 increases the bass, just like V1 mode switch position 3.

The "Mode" switch positions 1 and 2 are the same as they were on the Page DS V1. Position 3 on the Mode switch now adds top end.

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The Page DS is a preamp overdrive channel designed to be placed directly after a clean preamp, such as the Kingsley Squire. Inspired by the Dumble ODS style preamp, when run into a tube poweramplifier it delivers exceptional overdriven lead tones. 
The Dumble ODS style preamplifer design consists of a clean single 12ax7 tube preamp that is cascaded into an overdrive stage, also based on one 12ax7 tube. The Kingsley Squire D is a Dumble ODS style clean preamp, which when cascaded into the Page DS delivers the same circuit architecture and tonal response. An added bonus with the Page DS is the addition of a tone control for the overdrive channel - something not found on most ODS overdrive channels. The 3-way mode switch on the Page DS offers a smooth mode, normal mode and fat mode. Smooth mode makes the pedal more suitable for running into the front end of a guitar amplifier.
It should be noted that it is also possible to run the Pge DS on its own (with out being preceeded by a clean preamp) directly into the front end of a guitar amplifier, but the amount of overdrive available will be greatly reduced (compared to when the Page DS is pushed by a clean preamp). Tone-wise when used in this way, the Page DS sounds similar to the regular Page pedal, but with less treble and bass and slightly more midrange. Just like the regular Page it makes an excellent sounding boost pedal, capable of mild, very touch-sensitive on the edge of break-up tones.  



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The Page DS has controls for gain, volume and tone, as well as a 3-way mode switch. Mode 1 (smooth mode) has a more subdued top end for a warmer response. Mode 2 is the standard mode of operation and mode 3 (fat mode) adds a moderate boost to the low end. The tone control rolls off top end as it is rotated counter-clockwise, allowing the user to set the overdrive tone independently of the by-passed clean tone. The gain control sets the amont of gain fed into the 2nd tube gain stage.

The 9VDC power supply (provided) is converted to both 6.3VDC for the tube heaters and 250VDC for the tube plates.

Measurements: 3 7/8” wide x 4 ¾” deep x 2.56" tall

Power requirements: 9VDC @ 500mA, center negative, 2.1mm jack

Weight: 1.27 lbs (575g)


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Page Ds Demo

Pedal: $305.00 USD

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