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The Merlin is a midi program switcher that allows the user to switch midi programs by operating a switch mounted on a guitar. In this way, effects and amplifier channels can be turned on or off directly from the guitar and even on a pickup per pickup basis.

There are three switching options that can be mounted on the guitar for accessing midi programs: the rotary switch, the push-pot switch and the combination pickup selector switch, each one of which offers certain unique advantages. While the rotary switch and push-pot switch are specifically for switching midi programs, the combination pickup selector switch allows the user to access midi programs on a per-pickup selection basis.

Cosmetically the guitar does not need to be altered in any way, no batteries are needed and no routing of the instrument is required. Modifications to the guitar include the mounting of the prefered switch option and the replacement of the guitar output jack with a stereo jack. A stereo patch cable is used to plug the guitar into the Merlin. 

In the case of a simple setup the Merlin with the rotary switch or push-pot option could be used as your only midi switcher, or in the case of a more elaborate setup it could be used to add some extra flexibility, including the ability to walk away from your pedalboard and still be able to access a variety of sounds. The combination pickup selector switch offers the additional flexibility of being able to switch effects or amp channels at the same time as switching pickups.

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The rotary switch option involves replacing one of the pots on the guitar with our rotary switch, which gives the user access to 10 midi programs per bank. This switching option is nice because it allows you to switch quickly between midi programs that are not adjacent to each other. The rotary switch actually has 11 positions, with the 11th position switching from the rotary switch to the combination pickup selector switch (if both switches are mounted on the guitar).

The push switch option is a replacement pot that incorporates a momentary push switch. To change midi programs simply tap on your replaced guitar volume or tone pot. This switching option is nice because you do not need to sacrifice any of your guitar's pots to make room for the switch. We have 250K and 500K audio taper push-pots.

The combination pickup selector switch is a 5-way pickup selector switch and is a direct replacement for Stratocaster type guitars. It offers the typical pickup selection choices, as well as access to 5 midi programs. Selector position 1 corresponds to midi program 1, selector position 2 corresponds to midi program 2 and so on through position 5. A nice use for this switching option is to use it to change the tonal response of one or more pickup positions. For example you could simply fatten up the bridge pickup on a Stratocaster by assigning an EQ pedal, or perhaps a compressor or boost to midi program 1. The other pickup positions would remain unchanged, but flicking the pickup selector to the bridge would automatically kick in the fattening effect. Another use would be to assign different effects or amp channels to different pickups depending on the song or type of song being played. Additional effects per pickup setups can be assigned to different banks (see below).

The Merlin has a single footswitch for selecting different banks of midi programs. The number of programs per bank and the total number of banks can be programmed by the user, for from 1 to 10 programs per bank, as well as 1 to 10 total number of banks.
For example, a simple set up could be to have 3 programs per bank and say 2 or 3 banks. In this way it is easy to scroll through programs on the fly when using the push-pot switching option. At the opposite end of the spectrum with the maximum of 10 programs per bank and 10 banks, 100 programs are available.

The Merlin can send program messages on any midi channel, from 1 through 16.

Power requirements: 9VDC, center negative.

The Merlin and push-pot are available now. The rotary switch and combination pickup selector switch will be available soon!

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Push-Pot: $22.00 USD

Merlin: $200.00 USD

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